How to run Football Fanatic with DOSBox

As Footy was designed and programmed for an older era of computers, it becomes a challenge to run the game under the newer operating systems (OS) or on much faster computer (compared to 1996). The game may run too fast, or not at all because in a modern OS one does not have the ability to communicate with the hardware directly (this was done to make things run quicker).

Luckily we have DOSBox nowadays that allow players to run older games in their modern set-ups. This page will step you through the process. You can also refer to their tutorial.
  1. Download DOSBox from their site.
  2. Install the DOSBox application on your system (I've used v0.74)
  3. Extract the Football Fanatic ZIP file to a folder of your choice; e.g. C:\FOOTY
  4. Run the DOSBox application, you’ll see this screen:
  5. Now we’ll need to create a new “drive” in DOSBox to assign the folder with Football Fanatic to something that DOSBox sees. As it stands, DOSBox has no access to any files/folders on your computer
  6. Enter “mount c: c:\footy”
  7. We’re now mapping a whole nice C: drive just to Football Fanatic using your real actual folder C:\footy
  8. Change the drive to C: by entering “C:”
  9. If you list all the files (“dir/w”), you’ll see the Football Fanatic files.
  10. Run “FF” and you can start playing Football Fanatic.
    All saved games will stay in the folder, so if you play again in the future, you can continue where you left off.
  11. You may want to slow down the game a bit depending on what system you have (I changed it to 30% by pressing CTRL-F11 a few times). See the DOSBox online manual for more information.