Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I send my SUMMARY.REC file to?
We're not processing SUMMARY.REC files currently as the programmer is trying to come up with a better system for the new release.

Where is the Footy editor for version 1.8x?
The data file editor will be updated once the actual game has been completed.

Where can I find the data file for the 2002/2003 season?
Due to the amount of time required, work on the new data file will be done when the new version has been completed.

When will the new version be done?
The programmer understands everyone is eager to have a new version of Footy, but progress is somewhat slow due that he has other duties and responsibilities.

What programming language was Footy written in?
Football Fanatic was written in Turbo Pascal 7 and Borland Pascal 7. To improve speed of some of the display routines, certain segments were written in assembly.

Can I get the source code to Football Fanatic?
Although the game has been made freeware, Thunderbear wishes not to release the source code.

Is there a newer (Windows) version of Footy planned?
At the moment Thunderbear has no intentions of releasing an updated version. The original programmer is working on an online soccer management game called atletico online on his own time.

Can you do a rugby, hockey, or aussie rules football version of Football Fanatic?
Thunderbear has no plans to create an alternative sport version of Footy.

Can you translate the game to another language?
While a French version was originally in the works, non-English versions have not been released.

Why is my favourite team not included?
If you want your team added to the current data file (season 2001/2002), please fill out this spreadsheet and send it to us.

Why is my favourite team ranked lower in the game?
We tried to rate all teams as objectively as possible. We rated teams by their league, their recent domestic success (league and cups), and as well their success in the Champions League, UEFA Cup and the former Cup Winner's Cup.