atletico online - by Luis de Barros

The name "atletico" is dedicated to a local soccer team in a nearby town where I lived for five years, Atletico Arcos de Valdevez.
In the last four years during which I have owned this domain, I have received a lot of e-mail from folks who claimed that I have been cybersquatting the domain to obtain money from "popular" teams. So instead of sending me yet another message, please find something productive to do with your time and lend your support to Amnesty International, Free Tibet, or support 2600. This domain is being used for my projects and is NOT for sale. Deal with it! Sorry, had to get that off my chest.

Still with me? Anyways, I don't want to bore you with silly issues.

So basically atletico has become my hobby. It gives me the chance to do things I should have done in Footy. My biggest goal is to allow multiple human players to play together. It was actually that feature that made me throw the towel with Footy and start fresh with a new game.
Footy was written in Borland Pascal 7 and with a bit of assembly. While there may be a lot of people that disagree with me, BP7 is not very practical with the current client-server program model. I still intend to recycle a lot of the algorithms that I came up for the AI. I have books full of notes for the simulation model used in Footy and it would be shame to let all that work wither away.
While I'm not too concerned about the commercial aspect of atletico online, I will most likely pursue a subscription or pay-as-you-play model. I don't have a problem putting in a few thousand dollars for the whole architecture, my main concern will be bandwidth and co-location costs.

Frankly I haven't been very far into it. Most of it is being done with an Access database for player/club data, and using ASP with IIS4.  I'm probably end up doing it with COM/CORBA (VB or Delphi) for speed, and host it in NT4 running a dedicated SQL7/2000 server.  Those are technologies I'm very familiar with and I could easily support. 
Currently I have a simple single-player version of the 1999 Cup-Winners Cup. That was basically my goal to have done by July of this year.  I may put the demo online once I polish it up a bit more.
Due to my full-time job,contractual obligations with my other companies, and the fact that I like to have personal life, atletico's progress is going to be slow (unless a VC is reading this and wants to invest a ton of money). 

I think Derek, Geoffrey and I were on the right track when we designed Footy.  I'm very proud of the game even though it was a commercial failure.   Not to sound corny, but it gave me personally a great of joy to see people really get into Footy.  For the hundreds that became addicted to the game, it made it all worth it.
I know I can do better with atletico online and add a lot more depth to it.  Using Footy as the core for the game it will be a fun game.

I would like to get your feedback on a few questions.  If I know what people really want, I can try incorporating that in the game.  If you a have couple of minutes to spare, click here and answer a quick survey.